Website Development

Today, a website is often your first point of contact to a potential customer. And let's be honest, most visitors have an attention span measured in seconds. I can help you get the message across and let them know why you should be their choice before they go elsewhere.

Responsive Design

Your visitors might find you anywhere, from a computer at work to a mobile phone in line for coffee. If you aren't getting your message across clearly to any device, you're doing it wrong. Sites I develop are optimized for today's mobile phones, and future-friendly for any size device down the road.


What the heck is SEO anyway? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. There is no magic formula that will vault your website to page #1 in a Google search (and please, steer clear of anyone who claims otherwise). But there is plenty you can do to increase your visibility and make it as easy as possible for a prospective visitor to get connected with what you're offering.


I'm Mike Barnlund, a 32 year old freelance software developer / UI designer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I've been a software developer for 9 years, specializing in web application development. I've worked on all levels of web app development, and with most of the main languages and technologies available. UI design has always been the part I enjoy most so, I'm now available as a freelance web designer.

Not that anything in my personal life really has any relevance, but I've been asked so I'll include it here. I love my job and I'm good at what I do. I truly believe that freelance web design is close to as good as it gets in tech careers (if you're good at it, that is). I'm all about progressive enhancement and I try to learn something new with every project I do. I incorporate all the fancy & functional features in modern web browsers but if you've got potential users sorry enough to still be using Internet Explorer 6, it'll work there too.

Design Skills


Technology Used

Paygea Payment Processing Paygea wanted a simple navigation interface for a complex application. They needed a clean user interface and account statements that looked like bank statements. The entire application was to be done using AJAX and server load was to be minimal. Java, GWT, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Javascript Agilabs Software Development Agilabs software wanted something eye-catching but simple, incorporating the logo and easy to navigate.

It's pretty simple, but it's a good example of what I can get done on a time constraint. This was done in one afternoon.
HTML, CSS, Photoshop Spiral Design Look familiar? I was looking for something really eye catching and a bit edgy on the home page but not overbearing as you navigate the site. I wanted a classier navigation bar so it didn't feel like a rock band's website. Last, I've been wanting to play around with some javascript libraries like jQuery for awhile so that's where the slideshows & scrolling come from. HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Javascript